Diva Design Studio - cast paper art of Neno V. Villamor


Click on the tool used in the process for a description.

still life image map mold making sculpting drawing casting collage final embellishment

Drawing - A quick sketch is made of the idea followed by a final refined drawing.

photo of drawing a piece

Sculpting - The next step is to slide the finished drawing under a plate of plexi-glass and begin building up layers of clay.

photo of sculpting a piece


Further along in the sculpting with more attention being given to the highs and lows that depict foreshortening.

another photo ofsculpting a piece

Mold making - A batch of Hydrostone is prepared and poured over the finished image. This will cure and become a rigid mold.

photo of making a mold


The mold forms a negative image of the original sculpture.

2nd photo of making a mold

Casting - Carefully lifting the cast out of the mold.

photo of casting a piece


Casting - The final cast in low relief. The next step is to apply color if desired, but plain white is good too.

another photo of casting a piece

Collage - once the casting is made a waterbased paint is used as a background and handmade pappers are added as a collage.

photo of collaging a piece


continuing to add papers for texture and a sense of movement

another photo of collaging a piece

Final embellishment- finishing touches are made, including painting and detailed collage.

photo of final embellishing done