Diva Design Studio - cast paper art of Neno V. Villamor


picture of reclining woman

Welcome to Diva Design Studio, the showcase for cast paper art by Neno Villamor.

Cast Paper sculptures are original sculptures created using clay in low relief and cast in handmade paper. The paper is a blend of Abaca (banana fiber) and Hemp, which are both renewable resources.

Because these are castings made from an original they are numbered in the manner of limited editions. Since an image is only cast on demand, each casting is an individualized piece of artwork which means the edition is a Multiple Original.

Multiple Originals are castings in which the sculpted figure remains the same in each cast while the base color(s) of the paper; the collage; watercolors or inks used to embellish the surface of the image are changeable. This means that an image can be customized to suit the color preferences of the client. You will see side by side examples of an image using different color palettes and be able to notice how such choices affect the “feel” of the artwork.

All images can be ordered as Low Relief (outwards, above the surface of the paper) or Intaglio (inwards or below the surface of the paper).